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Dealer Application      

We strive to give you the best products and the best customer service.  In order for us to better serve you please fill out the following information:



Business Name::_________________________________

Shipping Address:_________________________________Billing Address:___________________________________




Phone Number:____________________________________Fax Number:_______________________________________


Owner Name(s)________________________________________Number:_______________________________________


Purchaser Name_______________________________________Number:________________________________________


Accounts Payable Name_______________________________Number:_______________________________________


Business Sales Tax Number:____________________________________


Business License Number:______________________________________


Do you have multiple store locations?  If yes please provide the above information for each store.



List 3 references of other businesses you purchase from:



1.     Company / Address/ Phone / Contact

2.     Company / Address/ Phone / Contact

3.     Company / Address/ Phone / Contact

Ordering Information:

-    On your first few orders, payment will be due on receipt to establish your account.

-    After established, we can offer Net 15 day terms.

-    We can provide you with promotional materials like banners and brochures, pdf’s and online price lists

-    Our wholesale prices are based on case size orders, if you need to order in smaller sizes, we may need to charge an extra 10%.

-    We accept checks, cash and all major credit cards through PayPal.

-    Make checks payable to Green China Direct, LLC.

-    Your accounts payables person will get a call if your payment is past due, we charge 2% on your order if it is a week late, 5% if it is two weeks late and 10% if a month late from the due date.

-    You can order over the phone or fax in a purchase order.

-    We most-often ship the same day we receive an order and will let you know right away if something is on back-order or if for any reason there will be a delay.

-    Pick ups must be pre arranged.




     Please let us know if there is anything we can do to better serve you in the future.  You are a valued customer and we appreciate your business.


Green China Direct, LLC

1080 Oakdale Place, Boulder, CO 80304

303-998-1323 x 100

fax 303-449-1348, 888-317-1600

info@greenchinadirect.com www.greenchinadirect.com





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