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One of the best ways to water - automatically give your plants moisture when they need it but not too much.

Not from China, these super high quality watering devices are made in Austria. Since we import them though, they're still on the Green China site. The Tropf (tropf is Austrian for drip) Blumat Carrot has become the ideal watering method for growing in greenhouses, on decks and in planter boxes, as well as for certain kinds of outdoor plants. 

Blumats work like using a timer but don't have the timer disadvantage of over-watering when weather conditions change or under-watering when plant conditions change. They 
sense the soil moisture level and based on that supply more or less water.



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Blumat Deck Kit
Fully Automatic Self Watering System.  Perfect for Landscapers and Home Gardeners. It is easill..
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