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We're constantly researching new and better ways of installing and using Blumat systems. As you'll see here, there are many different kinds of adapters and fittings. If you're not sure what you need or don't see what you're looking for here, just send us an email info@sustainablevillage.com . We're testing many different components and may have just what you're looking for!

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Blumat Junior Extend-A-Kit
  Extend the reach of your Blumat Juniors. Sometimes it's best to have your water source fu..
Blumat Quick Connect w/ Stop - 3mm to 3mm
Use this fitting to quickly disconnect a Blumat 3mm line. The water will automatically stop!  T..
Blumat 3mm Drip Tube for Distributor Drippers (10')
Connect your Blumat Tropf sensors to the distribution drippers or use to run the sensor a longer d..
Blumat Bottle Adapter 3 mm w/ Stop
Easily convert a used plastic bottle to a Blumat supply source.  This style is more expensive..
8 mm Water Supply Tube for Blumats (10m, 32.8 ft) - white
This is the tubing used to connect Blumat components to your water source. It's an 8 mm European sty..
Blumat 5 Gallon Reservoirs
  Grow plants anywhere!  Just attach your Blumat 8 mm line, fill with water, and almost ..
Blumat Distributor Drippers (Ten) + 2m of Drip Tube
These are great for watering long plant beds, planter boxes, and giving large plants an even amoun..
Blumat Filter Assembly
These are great if your water isn't clean or if you're planning to add liquuid fertilizer to it. Com..
Support Stakes for Tropf Blumat Supply Tube and Drippers (set of 10)
If you're growing outside in a windy area or for any reason want to make sure your drippers don't ..
Tropf Blumat Tee and End Piece Pack (2 Sets)
These let you split off branch feeder tubes and terminate them instead of making wide loops with y..
Blumat Stops, sealing caps
  Cap off any of the 3 mm Blumat barbs - the distribution drippers, Tees, or connectors. ..
Blumat Protective Cap - set of 25
It takes some time and some skill to dial Blumats in just right. After you find the ideal soil moist..
Blumat Quick connect/disconnect for 8 mm tube
Blumat Recycled Plastic Bottle Watering Kit
  Recycle your plastic 1 liter bottles into automatic watering Great for hanging plants, orch..
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