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Rainwater Tank 
250 liters of easy to catch, easy to use rainwater - or a great water supply in any far away part of your garden. Think of all the time you can save rolling a long garden hose back and forth!


More rainwater tanks

Deck Watering Kit
With just one turn of a faucet - or an automatic timer click - this inexpensive but extremely valuable kit will water up to 15 small plant contaners or 7 large ones. Use it on decks, in borders, or greenhouses - great for hanging baskets.

It will also water a small flower bed up to 6 x 9'.

Big Handle Hose Y's Valve
End the frustration amd bruised knuckles from small hose Y valve handles! These hose Y's have an easy to grip and turn knob. Just rotate for left open, right open, both or neither. 3/4" female swivel on in side and 3/4" male hose thread on outputs.
IG15126 $2 wholesale

Inline Hose Filters

Easy, inexpensive way to keep your drip emitters from getting clogged. 200 mesh,

inline screen and quick connect on output side making it easy to disconnect and clean.
IG15127 $3.44 wholesale

Tee Soaker Stakes
Sink your water deep where is won't evaporate and will get where your big roots need it most. Have you ever scratched the ground surface after a big rain or watering expecting lots of wet earth only to find only surface moisture? That's where most drip irrigation gets the water. This is fine for small plants but what about your big trees and shrubs? These 7" soaker stakes will solve the problem. Just install inline with standard 1/2" drip tubing and watch how much faster your large plants grow. 3 per set.
IG15128 $2.50/set 3 wholesale



List of Drip Irrigation components available

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Bulkhead Fitting 3/4" male hose x 1/2" FPT
EZ Big Handle Hose Y's
  End the frustration amd bruised knuckles from small hose Y valve handles! These hose Y's ..
FirstLight Solar Task Light
A revolution in lighting. The Firstlight is a multifunctional light suitable for focused activities ..
EZ-Grow Garden 3' x 3'
  A fast and effective way to make raised bed gardens - and at the same time get amazing ga..
Blumat 5 Gallon Reservoirs
  Grow plants anywhere!  Just attach your Blumat 8 mm line, fill with water, and almost ..
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