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Is gardening expensive? If you compare it to seeing a psychiatrist, it's very cheap! And a good investment. If you're feeling upset, depressed, angry; just go out in the garden and hang out with your plants for awhile. It's sure to make you feel better. Just like the fresh vegetables you grow will make your body feel better, the colorful plants and flowers will improve your mood and maybe even make you happy!


Rolling Seeder
Roll out your garden or small farm - plants 20000-25000 square

meters per day. Makes planting fast and easy without a need for

fossil fuels and expensive equipment. 7 kg, diameter 400mm
suggested retail $122
wholesale cost $73

Double Barrel Auto-Seeder
Plant and fertilize at the same time - fast, easy, and with minimal

environmental impact and cost. And you can plant up to 8-10,000

square meters per day! 1.85 kg, 810x160x110 mm; Single

planting hole volume:1-3 seeds, Loaded weight: 2.5 kg
suggested retail $39
wholesale cost $23

Inexpensive, qualtiy composting, and big - 66 gallon size

(250 liters). Recycled plastic, 32.3" (820 mm)

diameter, 30.5" (775) mm high.
CP15140 $45 wholesal

Foldable Composter - small

Foldable Composter - large

Use when you need it - easily store when you don't.CP15138 $15 wholesale
Includes metal rings and side stakes. 26.4" diameter at the top, 35.4" high with a huge 80 gallon capacity. Dia (67+62 x 90cm 300L) CP15139 $29


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