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You can give a present to your friends and to the environment at the same time. Choose something that's practical, beautiful, or fun - and at the same time, something with environmental benefits.

Gifts and Personal Care

       Razor Saver

One of our best products - everyone should have at least one of these!

They give you the best, most comfortable shave and you save lots of money while protecting the environment.

In the USA alone, we throw away over 2 billions razor blades every year as well as over 2 million pounds of plastic handles.

A Razor Saver will give you up to 130 shaves from just one razor blade. It resharpens in just a few seconds! Normal razors only give you 5-10 uses. Although common and simple, a razor blade represents some remarkable technology. Days of a strap and straight razor are not that far in the past. It’s a shame to have to throw them away so quickly. In fact, they’re only disposable because you can’t resharpen them. But now you can! Just insert a razor head and draw the old blade across the Razor Saver - it will be like new. Get 75-130 or more shaves from any regular or disposable razor blade, men’s or women’s, single, double, or triple.

suggested retail $12
to qualified dealers: 10+ $7.20
master case (168) for distributors $5.40

Razor Saver pdf flyer

Solar Candles

Renewable Romance!
A candle as romantic as the burning versions and solar powered! 
Beautiful etched, stained glass and a long-lasting, super efficient LED light. Outside or inside near a sunny window, these solar candles charge during the day and automatically turn on at night. You can also recharge with the included USB cable or with a cell phone charger. Specify blue or burgundy.

LT15112 blue

LT15113 burgundy




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