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Paper Brick Makers

Recycle waste paper and cardboard into burnable bricks!

Recycle yourself at home and save the extra transportation and energy costs of a company doing this for you. Just tear up old newspapers and other kinds of paper, soak in water and use this great tool to compress. After drying in the sun, you'll have your own hand-made "firewood." They dry into 8.5" x 3.25" bricks. You can also mix the paper with sawdust and/or chopped leaves and grass. 6 lbs.

SH15163 wholesale $19




Beekeeping Supplies

Complete beekeeping supplies and clothing.

FOB factory price $14.30 for:

·Unassembled Unpainted Standard 10 Frame Hive.
(outer measurements are width 41cm*length 51cm,
which approximate to 16 1/4”*20 1/4”)
A whole set of Standard 10 Frame Hive includes the
following components:
1-Flat wooden cover
1-Inner cover frame without iron wire
1-Hive body box for standard 10 Frame Hive
1-Super box for standard 10 Frame Hive
1-Section board
2-Heat preservation board
1-Bottom board (a wooden board as the picture shows)
Wooden Hive Stand (2 strips of wood under the bottom board, as the picture shows). Frames, Foundations and Queen Excluders are not included. All te components can be made to order - as long as you provide the blueprint or the detailed measurements by mm.
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Beekeeping clothing 

Bonsai Nursery, Suzhou, China

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