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EZ Big Handle Hose Y's
  End the frustration amd bruised knuckles from small hose Y valve handles! These hose Y's ..
Tree & Shrub Drinks:
Sink your water deep where it won't evaporate and will get where your big roots need it most. Have..
Blumat Adapter - 8 mm tubing to 1/2 inch pipe thread
Easiy attach Blumat 8 mm tube to irrigation line, PVC, or even a garden hose (with a hose to pipe ..
Blumat adapter - 3mm to 1/8"
Break-through! This simple, inexpensive adapter greatly expands the way we can use Tropf Blumat sen..
Blumat Bottle Cap Adapter
Easily convert a used plastic bottle to a Blumat supply source.  This works really well for..
Blumat Filter Assembly
These are great if your water isn't clean or if you're planning to add liquuid fertilizer to it. Com..
Blumat Quick connect/disconnect for 3 mm tube
  This quick connect/disconnect for the Blumat 3 mm tube makes a fast, easy, and water tigh..
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