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OG Bio War Root Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Root Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Root Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Root Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Root Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Root Pack 4 oz

OG Bio War Root Pack 4 oz

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Beneficial Microbes for the best and most healthy plants

These products are amazing. Without harmful chemicals and without hurting lady bugs, praying manti, beneficial nematodes or earthworms; they can control and prevent a long list of harmful pests, mildew, root disease, and other plant problems. They give plants a better immune system and improve their ability to use nutrients. They increase shoot and root growth, multiply flower production, and contribute to the overall well being of your plants

    Root Pack

This is the flagship - where you find all thetrichoderma, bacillus species, and many others - over 20 species all custom blended to work together in harmony and give the plants a better immune system and an amazing level of protection from root disease. This proprietary blend of highly concentrated beneficial fungi and bacteria promotes plant health by boosting the immune system, increasing shoot and root growth, multiplying flower production, and contributing to the overall well being of your plants. The root pack includes the following species:

-Pseudomonas flourescens: a saprophyte that creates colonies in water, soil, and on plant tissue. It will suppress plant diseases by acting as a systemic (a unique ability). Once it enters the vascular system of the plant, it actually produces antibiotics which prevent fungal and bacterial diseases from taking hold.

-Bacillus: best applied to young plants and seedlings so it can take hold and colonize on the developing root system. It gives protection by limiting the growth of fungal organisms like fusarium and also supresses other fungi and bacteria that cause scab, powdery mildew, sour rot, downy mildew, early leaf spot, early blight, late blight, bacterial spot, and walnut blight diseases.

-Trichoderma: a beneficial fungus, that seeks and destroys other harmful fungi in the soil/media. The presence of trichoderma will cause the plant to activate its own SAR (stimulated auto response), which serves to boost its own immune system.

We also have this in 8, 16, and 35 oz sizes - $39, $69, and $134.

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