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OG Bio War Foliar Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Foliar Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Foliar Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Foliar Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Foliar Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Foliar Pack 4 oz

OG Bio War Foliar Pack 4 oz

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Beneficial Microbes for the best and most healthy plants

These products are amazing. Without harmful chemicals and without hurting lady bugs, praying manti, beneficial nematodes or earthworms; they can control and prevent a long list of harmful pests, mildew, root disease, and other plant problems. They give plants a better immune system and improve their ability to use nutrients. They increase shoot and root growth, multiply flower production, and contribute to the overall well being of your plants

    Foliar Pack

A 100% safe, non chemical spray or drench.

This is the arsenal, the alternative to harsh chemicals. It helps plants deal with stress and has a great reputation for effectively controlling and preventing:

Root aphids, spider mites, aphids, whitefly, grubs, mealy bugs, harmful nematodes, thrips, fungus gnats, scale and powdery mildew… all without harming lady bugs, beneficial nematodes, earthworms or praying manti.

It has a host of naturally occurring microbes including: Bacillus sp., Beauveria sp., Metarhizium sp. And Verticillium sp. It has the biological form of spinosad in it as well as 2 types of Bt and several other species that are extremely hard to find in commercial products.

The first 4 pictures below show what root aphids, mealy bugs, grubs, and regulaor aphids think of this. 

We also have this in 8, 16, and 35 oz sizes - $39, $69, and $134.

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