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OG Bio War Nute Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Nute Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Nute Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Nute Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Nute Pack 4 oz
OG Bio War Nute Pack 4 oz

OG Bio War Nute Pack 4 oz

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Beneficial Microbes for the best and most healthy plants

These products are amazing. Without harmful chemicals and without hurting lady bugs, praying manti, beneficial nematodes or earthworms; they can control and prevent a long list of harmful pests, mildew, root disease, and other plant problems. They give plants a better immune system and improve their ability to use nutrients. They increase shoot and root growth, multiply flower production, and contribute to the overall well being of your plants

The Nute Pack

The highly concentrated NUTE PACK is an ideal way to boost your plants ability to do what it does best: grow and flower. With the proper application, you will see a noticeable difference in growth, yield and overall vigor. It includes mycorrhizae - 4 species total of only endo species. In addition to the mycos (each species at approx  125 spores/gram) this has NPK solubilizers and fixers including Azospirrilum (marketed by x-treme as azos). That converts atmospheric nitrogen in to plant usable form. Other kinds of included bacteria increase P and K uptake.

It includes nitrogen fixers that convert nitrogen gas into a usable nitrate. These increase plant growth as they produce vitamins, auxins, and gibberllins. They also give a boost to seedling germination and overall yield. The phosphate solubilizers dissolve fixed tricalcium phosphate into the usable form monocalcium phosphate. This also produces organic acids (citric acid, lactic acid), hormones, and enzymes which help in nutrient uptake and general plant vigor. Potash mobilizers seek out Potash near the root zone and bring it to the roots of the plant. It’s great for low K soil or coco since coco is known to “hold” K.

The mycorrhizae in this product has 125 spore colonies per gram of each of the following endo mycorrhizae: glomus intraradices, glomis mosseae, glomis aggregatum and glomis clarum.

The root and nute packs combined blow competing products out of the water. It's not just .01 active ingredient - it's 30%. It's 18,000 x the spore counts on trichoderma and bacillus species. If you were to take actinovate, microbelife photosynth, serenade, great white, tarantula, voodoo, you would still not be able to come close to what this combo offers.

The root pack and nute pack are separated for a reason. Pure hydro users shouldn’t use the nute pack because of the potential carbon drain mycos can have on a plant that has all the food it needs readily available. Use this one for soil, peat,  and coco only.

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