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Residential Solar Electricity - DVD

Residential Solar Electricity - DVD

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We can't recommend these videos enough! 

At Solar Energy International in Carbondale, Colorado, Johnny Weiss and his partner Ken Olson teach the practical use of renewable energy technologies to students from all over the world.  Johnny has been teaching, designing and installing solar electric photovoltaic systems for over twenty-five years.  In this tape, Johnny gives and demonstrates practical answers to the questions most asked by homeowners as they consider the purchase and installation of their own solar electric system, including:

- What are the basic components of a residential PV system?

- How do you wire photovoltaic modules?

- What's the best way to mount photovoltaic modules?

- What are trackers and when are they appropriate?

- What is a solar pathfinder and how do you use it to site your PV array?

- What are charge controllers used for?

- What voltage system is best for residential use?

- Why are inverters such an important part of PV system design?

- Should I use AC or DC appliances?

- What do I need to know about photovoltaic storage batteries?

- How do I wire the battery terminals for trouble-free operation?

- What are the functions of the various pieces of safety equipment and how are they wired tgether?

- How much does PV power cost for the average home?

48 minutes



"The best videos on the fundamentals of renewable energy that I have ever seen."

Richard Perez, Editor, Home Power Magazine.

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