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Solar Water Pumping with Windy Dankoff - DVD

Solar Water Pumping with Windy Dankoff - DVD

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Windy Dankoff has been designing, installing or repairing solar powered water pumps for the last twenty-four years.  From watering livestock in India, to irrigating crops in Mexico, to domestic use here in the US, Windy has been involved in over 3,500 solar powered water systems. In this DVD, Windy gives and demonstrates practical answers to questions most asked by people considering the purchase and installation of their own solar powered water system, including: 


- Where and why would I use a solar pump? 

- What are the basic types of solar pumps? 

- What are the limits that govern the use of a solar pump? 

- What are the advantages of a submersible pump?

- How do a choose the correct size and type of pump for my site and needs? 

- How do I choose the size and type of solar array to power my pump? 

- Should I use a tracker? 

- How large should my water tank be? 

- What kind of well do I need? 

- How do you avoid freezing? 

- How do you wire and install a submersible pump?

- How do you maintain a solar pump? 

- What if I don’t have adequate water pressure?


59 minutes

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