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Residential Wind Power - DVD

Residential Wind Power - DVD

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We cannot recommend these videos enough!

Mick Sagrillo has been installing, repairing, and remanufacturing wind turbines at his wind powered shop near Forestville, Wisconsin for the past twenty-six years.  To date, he has been involved in the repair and installation of over one thousand wind-powered electric generators.  In this tape, Mick gives and demonstrates practical answers to the questions most asked by homeowners as they consider the purchase and installation of their own wind electric power plant, including:

- How can you tell if you have a viable wind resource?

- How can you get the most power out of the wind?

- How do you determine the best site for your wind generator?

- How do you measure the height of obstacles near your site?

- What are the different types of towers used for residential sized wind generators?

- How do you install a wind generator on a tilt-up tower?

- How do you raise and lower a tilt-up tower?

- How do you regulate and control the output of the wind generator?

- Is it better to have a two-bladed or a three-bladed rotor?

- What is the best voltage for a residential wind system?

- What are the maintenance issues with modern wind generators?

- How do you protect your wind system against lightning strikes?

- How does a wind generator work in a utility grid intertie system?

63 minutes

"The best videos on the fundamentals of renewable energy that I have ever seen." - Richard Perez, Editor, Home Power Magazine

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