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Storage Batteries for Renewable Energy Systems DVD

Storage Batteries for Renewable Energy Systems DVD

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Newest addition to the “Renewable Energy With The Experts” series.   Narrated by Richard Perez from Home Power Magazine. 

After twenty-four years as a dealer in renewable energy systems, Richard Perez and his wife Karen founded the premier international hands-on journal of homemade power, appropriately titled Home Power magazine.  Today from their solar and wind-powered home and office near Ashland, Oregon, Richard, Karen, and a staff of six have propelled Home power to a paper and Internet circulation of more than 100,000.  In this tape, Richard gives and demonstrates practical answers to the questions most often asked about the heart of any renewable energy system-the storage battery, including:


- What kind of battery should I buy?

- How do I choose the right sized battery for my system?

- Why is load analysis so important?

- What voltage battery should I buy?

- How much reserve power should my battery contain?

- What are the safety considerations with lead-acid batteries?

- Why are meters such an important part of the system?

- How do I best maintain my battery for a long life?

- What are Hydrocaps and why should I use them?

- Why is equalization so important?

- How can I correct over-sulfation on the battery plates?

- Should I use an inverter?

- Can I add more batteries to my system?

- How long should my batteries last?

57 minutes

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